Right: Artist  Ma- yixing 

 in Shanghai China

 Left: Germany Consul General

 in Shanghai China

By Ma- yixing an Account of Myself

  In the world today, peace and war are existing side by side, so are humanity and barbarity, and all these oddities originate from man who arrogantly styles himself as holiness.
People say that an artist should respond to the call of duly to fight for the progress of mankind. Whether it is true or not, as a painter, I would like to dedicate my artistic talent to the sacred cause without hesitation. 
  Should I say I object to the proposition you forward, you would surely be displeased; actually it is not because that it implies Any fallacies, but that you haven't found the truthfully yet. For my oil paintings, I always endeavor to reveal themselves just as they exist in reality. But the imaginary organic sense is unable to get hold of a definite belief, the belief does lie in imagined style of the appearance of picture, in the sensation impressed on the heart by the appearance of picture, but not in my character and order.
  In my daily life, I usually get up at eleven in the morning, and then I take a walk in my little garden.
Sometimes I cultivate flowers or do pruning. At about twelve I begin to read. The books I red oftener are those about philosophy, psychology, physiology and anatomy. I usually have a nap every afternoon. If only I fall asleep even during the daytime, let alone in the night, I would be annoyed at frightening dreams, in which some ruffians would often run after me desperately, seize me and beat me to death dripping with blood. It is unhappy for me always to suffer from dread in sleep. After I wake form my nap at about four, I would sit in my wheelchair and begin to meditate on the question. What should I prefer to do? Which will never get a proper answer. Meditating day after day makes me bored, and finally begin to feel dissatisfied with myself, as there is something devious and hideous in it. I would never meditate on the question further. Then I push my wheelchair forward to repeat my single practice----painting. With my heart beating fast, I incline to the canvas, tasting surreptitiously my artistic fruit, the "fruit" perceptually beautiful, supremely perfect and valuable. Spontaneously a sense of satisfaction, pride and greatness would stir up in my heart, such a time is usually at four in the early morning when I would go to bed again. I don't know what time my routine 
way of life will come to an end, how eagerly I wish that the time would come as soon as possible. Before this, I look forward to seeing the shining of splendid beauty of the ever-multiplying human beings and creatures as well as heavenly stars.
  There is a close correlation between the conditions of my existence and my oil paintings.
  Only by understanding the plight of the other "deathly" people can we appreciate the profound implication of the works. This is my personal point of view.

 26,4,2004   SHANGHAI CHINA

Mayixing's  oil painting

Soul Bridge
(Oil on canvas,138x128cm)

Ma-yixing oil painting